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Today, Saturday, 4-4-09, the 2009 4th Annual Compassion Run was held here in Wichita Falls, Texas. Proceeds from the run went to Christmas In Action Wichita County. The weather was great for this run and the turnout was excellent. Scroll down and join us on this benefit run and meet some new people. This is a LENGTHY post, so enjoy yourself and REMEMBER: IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE PICTURES BIGGER, JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE.

The registration/staging area for today's run was at Evangel Temple, 3800 Barnett Rd, Wichita Falls Tx ( Evangel Temple is a major sponsor of the Compassion Run every year. Here is Sissy in front of the registration tent. Sissy is one of the movers & shakers of this event. Also, for more on the recipient of today's proceeds, Christmas In Action Wichita County, see:

Here is the registration team. All smiles and having fun. Sissy is picking out my t-shirts. The t-shirts were great and they were giving them away for $10 apiece.

Pattie & Sissy fixin' to unload the drink truck.

Pattie & Sissy are more like sisters than good friends. Pattie has orders for Korea & is scheduled to PCS in a couple of months.

Pattie gets a sisterly good luck pat from Sissy.

This is Jim, Pattie's husband. Jim had to head out to Red River Harley Davidson to supervise his daughter Jessica & some other kids from Iowa Park High School who were cooking hot dogs for the participants of today's ride. Red River Harley Davidson was stop # 5 on today's ride.

Wandering about the grounds today prior to form up, are Steve (lead bike for today's ride), Gary & Lance

Some more of the ones your parents warned you about: Steve, Gary & Lance...

This is Galen & Kimberly, two new folks I met that were looking forward to the ride. Hopefully, we will be seeing more of them at some future events. They are good people..

Here is the one & only, Debbie and her pink bike. I got some good pictures of Debbie & Jeff later on in the post. It was really good to see them..

Here is Flip in discussion with some of his fellow C.M.A. members. For more on the local chapter "Glorybound" of the Christian Motorcyclists Association (C.M.A.) see this link: http :// . Flip is the Chapters Chaplain

Debbie talks to Steve, who will form up the riders and lead them on the ride in a little while.

A line of bikes on both sides of the parking lot as registration continues.

Some more of the bikes.

The registration tent

This is Marjorie. She is with the Texas Wing Riders. She says if you like to ride, come join them and ALL bikes are welcome. You may contact them at email: for more info. Nice to meet you Marjorie..Have fun and ride safe..

Here is Charles (right) President of the GloryBound Chapter of the C.M.A. and one of the riders. Charles is the man instrumental in getting the Compassion Runs started.

They had a D.J. set up by the side entrance to Evangel Temple

The bandana stand. They were with us last year

This is David & Jerry waiting for the ride to begin. Both are C.M.A. members

This is Cathy. She was kept busy handing out info and welcoming folks today..

Here is Sherri looking lost without her husband, Joe, who had to miss the ride because he had to work. We missed Joe today as he is a friend and quite a character once ya get to know him. But Sherri was well protected today by a multitude of friends.

Here is Russell. He is married to Myra and she had to work also, but made it to the Compassion run before we left. Russell works out at Four Stars Motorcycle Ranch in Henrietta Texas, which was stop #3.

Sissy & her Harley with its new engine.

This is Steve's new Screamin' Eagle. Steve is Sissy's husband, for those of you who are viewing this blog for the first time. Most of the folks you see here today are on one or more posts on this blog and the first blog (North Texas Bikers I) because we all ride together at events or impromptu type rides and are all friends. You couldn't ask for better people or friends.

Sissy gets a hug from Debbie

Ya gotta love Sissy & Debbie.

This is Jeff who has his Harley up for sale and wants to buy Steve's. If you are lookin' for a good lookin' & runnin' Harley, check out Jeff's on the next two pics.

If you click on the pic, you can read the info on Jeff's bike. If you want to ask him a question about the bike, and you live outside of the Wichita Falls Texas area, the area code and phone number is: 940 232-4918. Ask for Jeff

And here is Jeff's bike. Sharp lookin isn't it? Sounds great too.. Jeff has really taken care of his bike

Line of bikes by the registration tent

The parking lot continues to fill up

Bikers were filling the lot up from both ends

This is Russell, a friend of Myra & Russell

This is Jim & Betsy. Jim just opened a Bike Detail Shop at Southwest Pkwy & Barnett Rd here in Wichita Falls. He thoroughly washes your bike and then professionally details it all for only $45. Betsy has been helping him out doing the shelve work and other "cosmetic" details around the shop. Both are outstanding people. Stop in and see him today. We all need to support businesses that are biker owned & operated in our area. Especially one like Jim's that keep the bikes looking brand new...He also does motorcyle inspections as well as cars. Check out his shop at:

This is Moe & Dennis. I love these folks. Moe is a hunter and can hit what she shoots at. Her weapon of choice: bow. Dennis gets to support Moe by getting to eat the venison and other goodies she brings down..If Dennis disappears, I'm gonna go over and see if Moe has his head mounted on the wall..

Clint arrives. Clint is a member of the Blue Knights TX XX

Some of the riders talking prior to departure.

The parking lot at Evangel Temple, full of bikes

Different clubs were in attendence. I got permission from the club members before taking pics of their colors. The Boozefighters Chapter 28 was there as riders and they also manned the stops. They did an outstanding job, as always. For more on the Boozefighters, check out their National Site:

Charles gives the pre-ride briefing and then led the riders in a prayer. We then went to the bikes and got ready to head out

Steve gets ready to form em up.

Here is Gary, his wife Jeanann and Sherri prior to departure

Gary gets sugars from Jeanann as we form up

The bikers form up. Pattie, on her red Harley, talks to a co-worker, on the black Harley, working her way to the back of the line

Lining up

All smiles as they get into line..

Sissy ready to go

Jim & Betsy ready to go and Debbie is right behind them

The first group

And they inch forward.

I walk to the road to do traffic control as the second group gets ready to roll

A view from the road as the group forms up..

I join in with the third group and we roll on down the road.

Southbound on Sisk Rd

After a short ride, we arrive at Stop #2, the Broken Chains Freedom Church. This is a new biker church opened a couple of weeks ago on Jacksboro Hwy in Wichita Falls Texas. They had water & donuts for us..Thank you folks...Ya did good!!

Here is Jim & Betsy at stop #2. I changed from the 3rd group to the first group here at the Broken Chains Freedom Church

Steve gets ready to lead group 1 to Henrietta Texas and our 3rd stop, Four Stars Motorcycle Ranch.

We roll Southbound on US 281

That's Pete & Delly on the red bike in front of me

The view behind: Jim & Betsy on the outside of the lane and Debbie on the inside

The mirror shot

Debbie, Jim & Betsy and Jeff as we ride on FM 1954

EastBound on FM 1954: Debbie, Jim & Betsy and Jeff

We now cross the Lake Arrowhead spillway on FM 2606

The group behind me crosses the Lake Arrowhead spillway

We cross the spillway and now head to the Lake Arrowhead Dam

We start across the dam

Debbie on the Lake Arrowhead Dam

On the Dam

The group in front crossing the Lake Arrowhead Dam

Once across the Dam, we enter the curves of FM 2606. This is a popular ride with all the local bikers. Well, with most of them...

FM 2606 on the way to Henrietta Texas

Debbie on FM 2606. Jeff had put a mount on the bike for her IPOD or MP3 and had hooked up speakers. Debbie was definitely jammin' as she rode along.

Coming into a nice sweeping curve at about 70 mph

We got onto TX 148 and a short time later, we were at stop #3, Four Stars Motorcycle Ranch in Henrietta Texas. This is Pete & Delly who were on the red bike in front of me.

At Four Stars Motorcycle Ranch, which is co-located with Four Stars Auto Ranch, we get some big smiles from Robert (owner of Four Stars Auto/Motorcycle Ranch) and Sissy. Sissy is a Salesperson at the Motorcycle Ranch and Robert rides a Harley Screaming Eagle. If you're in the area, stop in and see them and Robert has some great stories about incidents that have happened to him while on cross country motorcycle trips, some quite painful... For more on Four Stars Auto & Motorcycle Ranch, see this link:

This is: Jennie (a great friend and sales person at Four Stars Motorcycle Ranch), Lance, Sissy, Charles and Robert. Stop # 3 Four Stars Motorcycle Ranch Henrietta Texas

Jennie, Lance, Sissy, Charles & Robert

This is Brenda & Rick, both members of the C.M.A., at Four Stars Motorcycle Ranch

Gathered around Robert's Screamin' Eagle are Charlie (Sales Manager & all around nice guy at Four Stars Motorcycle Ranch), Sissy & Robert. I told Robert that as much as it would pain me to do so, that I would trade him Ms. Clone, even up, for his Screamin' Eagle. Ms. Clone is my bike, a Vulcan. Robert understands now why I am on meds and only get out of the Psych ward on weekends... Oh, and he said no...

The C.M.A. back patch. And the other patch is a Crimson Cross Riders Patch.

Sissy and the FRITO'S. She was opening these for the riders. Four Stars Motorcycle Ranch, watered us and snacked us well..Thanks guys we appreciate it!!

This is Richard. He and his Brother-in-law, Ray, are opening "Brother In-Law Cycle Service" pretty soon and it will be located at 2717 Highway 79 North. One of the main things they will be specializing in, is Tire Service. Once again, we have another business opening up that is biker owned & operated that we need to support. Richard said he'd call me when they opened up and I would go and do a post on them with all the info you would need as well as pictures. Right now, if you have any questions about the business, you can reach Richard at 940-692-9512..

We pull out of Four Stars and head to Stop #4, Eddie Hill's Fun Cycles in Wichita Falls. Here is a picture of Charles & Gloria as we head South on Tx 79. I only have one other picture of Gloria from today and I took that at Evangel Temple before we left, when she was eating a breakfast burrito. I don't want to die prematurely so this is the only pic of Gloria you will see...

SouthBound on TX 79

Steve up front and Charles & Gloria as we go South on TX 79

South on TX 79

A short time later we arrived at Stop #4, Eddie Hills Fun Cycles. I lied to ya, here's another pic of Gloria. I really liked that 1st Cav bandana. I think she said her nephew was currently in Iraq. We pray God's protection on him and that he return home safe & sound.

At Eddie Hills and another picture of Gloria...

Jeff smiles and waves as Debbie looks on..

Eddie Hill's Fun Cycles, where I got Ms. Clone. When I return from Arizona & Michigan on her, she will get a bath and detail at Jim's Bike Detail Shop and traded in. Then I will get my new Harley at Red River Harley Davidson or a used Harley at Four Stars Motorcycle Ranch. For more info on Eddie Hills Fun Cycles, see this link:

The line of bikes at Eddie Hills just prior to heading to Stop #5, Red River Harley Davidson.

Jim & Betsy at Eddie Hills.

Betsy looks on as I talk Jim into letting me take a stogie shot...

And not wanting Betsy to feel left out, here's Betsy!

As we get ready to leave, Jerry stops Charles & Gloria cold in their tracks by the mere pressure of his fingertips on the fairing . Jerry is the former Vice President of the GloryBound Chapter of C.M.A.

As we make our way to the Harley shop, we pass the James Allred Maximum Security Prison out at FM 369 & Reilley Rd. I think they said it was maximum security..

We arrive at Red River Harley Davidson. See:

The bikes arrive at Red River Harley Davidson. That's Clint down the line parking the yellow bike

Iowa Park High School was cooking hot dogs and giving them to the riders for a donation. I might add that these weren't the small regular sized dogs, but rather the large, german sausage sized hot dogs. They did a great job and I hope they got a bunch of donations to enable them to accomplish what they had planned. From left to right: Jessica (Jim & Patti's daughter), Carson & Aliza. Iowa Park High School should be very proud of these students as well as of Jacob, (cooking next pic) because they did a great job, were extremely helpful and represented Iowa Park High School in a very commendable way..

Here is Jessica & Jacob, the man who cooked up those great hot dogs. You can see that the hot dogs were the giant sized variety. Also, of interest to you young bikers, Jessica went to , completed and graduated from Red River Harley Davidson' Rider Edge Program. Way to go Jessica!!! You da girl!!! Won't be long before Jim, her dad, will be buying Jessica a Harley and she will be riding with us...For more info on the Rider's Edge Program, see this link:

Jacob takes a refreshment break from the cooking tasks and Patti walks toward me to get a pic or two of her on her Harley Ultra Classic

Pattie & her Harley Ultra Classic. She went to the Hot Springs Arkansas Motorcycle Rally last year with Jim, Sissy & Steve, Debbie & Jeff and Lance and got the spider & web painted on her fairing. It really compliments the Red.

Another of Patti & her bike. Patti is a Captain in the USAF and has orders for Korea. I figured that a Captain should have her own weapons bearer and volunteered to go along. But her husband Jim has already claimed the weapons bearer slot, so I guess I will go as the food taster....

We leave the Harley Shop and head back to our staging area, Evangel Temple. That's PaPa in front of me in the white helmet. A train had Wellington Rd blocked at Iowa Park Rd, so we went down Iowa Park Rd to FM 369 , up to FM 367 then back over to Wellington which took us right to the church. Wellington turns into Barnett Rd at Seymour Hwy.

As we roll North on Wellington, this is Scott (no Fairing) right behind me.

Rearview mirror shot of Scott and the others as we near Evangel Temple from the North

We get back to Evangel Temple and unbeknownst to me, one of my good friends and his daughter were in our group towards the rear. This is Matt & his daughter Madison, whose nickname is Madie. Matt & Madison are the husband & daughter of Jennie, who works at Four Stars Motorcycle Ranch.. They are great Christians, witnesses for our Lord & Saviour, Jesus, and as I said, very good friends of mine..

This is Scott & PaPa. You'll being seeing more of Scott on the blog as he will be riding with us as a Blue Knight TX XX member. He will be calling me when he finishes the app and I get it to our Secretary/Treasure who will send it off to International.. Great meeting you Scott and look forward to having you with us....

This is PaPa. He is a member of B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse). For more info on B.A.C.A., see this link:

Here are Matt, Tim & Tammy as we wait for the door prize drawings and biker games to commence. We also had just finished eating some GREAT BBQ sandwiches made by Big Mike. Apparently I had a major brain fart because this is the first time EVER that I have been to an event/ride and didn't get a pic of me & Mike or Mike & Gloria together. Will remedie that on the next ride...

Lance joins us at our table. Lance was at the ride solo and when I asked where Pattie was, I was informed that Lance is SOLO again. So, for my very good friend Lance, if you, the good looking, Lance Lovin, Harley riding females , want to ride with Lance, I think it is okay with him. However, you must BYOPP & BYOBR...That's Bring Your Own Passenger Pegs and Bring Your Own Back Rest. He done took his off and ain't puttin' em back on...Lance, you STILL the man!!!

This is Phil. He is the Webmaster and member of the Blue Knights TX XX. He also rode in the slow race with some other folks and helped the Blue Knights TX XX win the competition..Way to go guys!!

The H.O.G chapter was also there. Their patch is a larger version of the H.O.G. patch and also covers the back of some of the vests. For more info, see:

Here is Patti, while the WFPD M/C Div. puts on a riding demonstration.

Charles starts calling out the winning numbers for the Door prizes and 50/50 drawing. That's Jim & Betsy up against the brick column

Madie sits and hopes that her ticket, #122 is a winner. It was not to be, but Matt, her dad, won a leather Harley Davidson cup, with his number 121. My ticket, #012, was a bust too...But, we tried, didn't we Madie? Maybe next year.

Sissy joins Charles in the 50/50 drawing

A pic of the riders during the door prize & 50/50 drawing. Russ gives up a hook em' horns sign...That is Moe (pink) and Dennis. Moe was a winner of ,I believe, dinner for two at the Cotton Patch Restaurant. Dennis has to take his Harley to the Harley shop in Bedford Texas, Monday, for a brake problem that the Harley shop here, according to Dennis, won't or can't fix. Ride safe down there in the metroplex Dennis...

Here is Russ. He just came in from the PGR event in Gainseville Texas, where they had a parade & book signing for the surviving Medal of Honor winners from WWII up thru Vietnam. I would've really liked to have gone to that, but I had a family breakfast this morning,before the Compassion Run, and the guys left for Gainesville at 0615 hrs.

Russ's colors. Russ is a Road Captain/Director of the Blue Knights TX XX. For more info on the Blue Knights, see: Ya know, I read on a biker site that we (Blue Knights) should be a Riding Club (RC) rather than a Motorcycle Club (MC) because we buy our membership and not earn a membership & colors like most motorcycle clubs. I beg to differ as we earn our membership and patch by being or having been police officers (city, county, state or federal) and putting up with all the crap from, mostly, the dark side of the public. (By darkside, I mean the evil side not the cream of society types, although the upper class types have their share of jerks). And I GUARANTEE you, it is a dangerous & life altering price we paid to have the right to our patch. I respect other clubs, 1% and others, and there are even some 1% clubs around I would be proud to be a member of, but they can put away the" riding club" crap as far as the Blue Knights are concerned. It don't apply....

Sissy heads in our direction to find the owner of a bike that has her blocked in. She needed her bike for the bike games..

Russ & Sissy hug and grin cause they know Russ's wife, Linda will see this on the blog...Linda is a sweetheart and good friend of ours and is well known by the frequent viewers to the North Texas Biker blogs

Me & Russ prior to my departure for home. Russ went on and led the Blue Knights TX XX to a win in the slow race...

Me & Sissy at the 2009 4th Annual Compassion Run

Sissy and Matt. Matt's wife, Jennie, works at Four Stars Motorcycle Ranch with Sissy

Me & Matt. We both left at the same time due to family activities at home....Hi mom!!

This is Russell, Myra & Sissy. This Russell is a friend of Myra and Sissy and not the Russell that is Myra's husband.

The last picture from the 2009 4th Annual Compassion Run is of Madie & Matt. Madie had taken off her boots and was walking barefoot in the cool feeling grass at the church She had retrieved her boots from Matt's handlebars and was "gearing up" to head home.
I had a great time today. Got to meet some new friends, got to take 170 pictures, got to ride with some great peope and got to hang out with alot of my friends. A combination that is hard to beat. Thank you, God, for the great weather and keeping all of us safe on the 100 mile ride...I look forward to next year as I will have my Harley then...
Scroll down for more rides, events & posts and don't forget to click on the "older posts" link at the bottom of EACH page for more rides and posts. Check out North Texas Bikers (1) at for rides, events & posts from January 08-November 08. Until next post, ya'll be careful out there, ride safe, keep the rubber on the road & pray for our Troops & Rodney................JOHN


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