Saturday, November 29, 2008


Today, Saturday, 11-29-08, was Black Saturday at Red River Harley Davidson. Russ & Linda were going there to check out the sales, and invited me to go along with them. As I had called the dealership earlier and had told Ginger I would come down and check out the sales, I rode the bike over to Russ & Linda's and rode down to the dealership with them. It was like home week there. Scroll down and see who was also there and REMEMBER: IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE PICTURES BIGGER, JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE...

Russ & Linda are all smiles. With Russ's job, they only get to ride on the weekends and the cool weather today was not going to be a deterrent to them. Janice (my wife) had just washed her hair and with Russ saying the windchill at 70 mph would be around 39 degrees (F), she opted to stay home and inside where it was warm..She did not want to get sick...

Russ & Linda rolling East down Seymour Hwy as we head towards the Loop.

Here are Russ & Linda on "The Black Knight" as we head down Seymour Hwy.

Russ & Linda out in front of me as we head East.

A short time later, we arrive at the Red River Harley Davidson Dealership at US 287/City View Drive in Wichita Falls Texas. For more info on the dealership, click the following link:

This is a new building and location for the Dealership. It used to be located down US287 in Iowa Park Texas..Iowa Park is just West of Wichita Falls Texas

As we got off the bikes I met these folks and they are going to send me their email address and I am going to add them to our ride notification list, so look for them on future posts as we go on different rides and they join us. This is Glenda & Bill..They like to ride and that says alot in itself. I look forward to riding with them.

I went inside the dealership and I found a lot of my favorite people hard at work. This is Ginger and Samantha (Sam), hard at it. The dealership was busy.

Then I hear a big booming voice and I look up and see Kari & Andre. Kari is from Burkburnett Texas and Andre currently resides in Ft. Worth. But, he may be getting transfered by his company up to Massachucetts pretty soon. Well, Massachucetts is only a days ride NorthEast of here. Can you say "Roadtrip"? It was great to see them again..

Here are some other hard workers, Wendi & Jennie. Jennie is my favorite Salesperson and she & her husband Matt, may be selling their Harley. She is going to call me and I am going to go see her and Matt and get pictures of their Harley and put it on the blog for you to see and possibly consider..She says it is beautiful....

Russ takes time out from trying on leathers and poses with Jennie.

My turn....Wendi, me & Jennie...My Harley buying days will begin hopefully next year...

As I was standing there, who comes into view, but Amy, Kyles wife. Kyle is the Vice President of the Blue Knights TX XX and Russ is a Road Captain/Director. Amy has her own Harley (you'll see it momentarily) and is a hoot to be around...We all love Amy & Kyle..Great people!!!

Here is Amy, Amber & Kyle as they get ready to spent all of Kyle's hard earned cash...Well, maybe Amy's hard earned cash...Well, maybe a little from both....

Now, this is what I'm talkin' about!!!

This too!!

But, mainly this...I, personally, am not into the fairings. There has been a few times,though, that I have had gravel hit my legs & fingers at 70 mph and I wished then that I had a fairing. But the pain subsides in a few days and all is well again....

The salespeople were all over that store, waiting on people, stocking shelves, replenishing clothes racks..Here is Ginger with some new Harley t-shirts

Her is Linda waiting patiently on Russ as he checks out the leather's which were I think 10%-15% off.

Russ trying on a leather jacket. They had some great deals on some great looking leathers..

I wandered outside to look at the used Harley's and one of the hardest working salesmen was out showing bikes to some future buyers. We got to talking and as much as I have been to the dealership, I have taken pictures of everyone, including the owners, but have never taken his picture. A major oversite on my part. So, may I introduce Choyce. I will be sure to get more pics of him in the future. Sorry for the oversite Choyce, it was not intenional. See him for a great deal on any one of the bikes there..

A few of the used bikes at the Red River Harley Davidson Dealership. They have a bunch more inside.

As I was talking to Choyce, Johnny rode up on his Harley Screamin Eagle...

Johnny's Harley with the new illumination lights. I am not really sure what the proper name for the lites is

Here is Amy on her Harley...Kyle had wandered off again and she was sitting out here waiting for him to return from his travels about the shop...

Here comes Kyle now, from the service department area..

As many times as I have seen Kyle and his bike, this is the first time i noticed the skulls on the trim at the bottom of his windshield

Kyle , in the saddle and getting ready to roll. Be careful bro and ride safe!! Cya later!!

Part of the tents set up for the Black Friday/Black Saturday sales event..

Some of the model Harley's for sale. I want that replica of Peter Fonda's bike from the movie "Easy Rider". I am one of those who saw it when the movie originally came out in the 60's. I am truly an old fart...

Last picture taken at the dealership before we left are of Russ, Linda, Lance & Johnny.
We had a good time visiting the dealership & looking at the sales. Also had a great time hangin' with our friends and fellow riders. I look forward to our next ride and post with everyone doing what they do best: Ridin' & havin' a great time. Until next ride, event & post, ya'll be careful out there, ride safe and keep the rubber on the road. Everyone have a safe Holiday and check out North Texas Bikers (1) at the following link: .........JOHN

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tim & Vickie In Texas 11-26-08

I have been riding on different rides with Ted & Inez for almost a year now. Ted is on the blog quite regularly and I was talking to him one day about viewers of the blog. I mentioned that I had been getting numerous hits from Ft. Collins, Colorado and he said his daughter Vickie lived in Ft. Collins and she was a regular viewer of the blog. I told Ted that I wanted to meet Vickie when she came down and get some pictures of them together. Well, Vickie & her husband, Tim came to Texas for the Thanksgiving Holiday and rode on the Downtown Toy Fun Run with Ted & Inez. and I got to meet Vickie & Ted. Janice & I also met Vickie & Tim for coffee today, Wednesday, 11-26-08. I might add that Ted & Inez were not feeling well and couldn't make the coffee break. So, scroll on down and meet Tim & Vickie and check out his Harley Heritage Softtail. It is a beautiful bike and REMEMBER: IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE PICTURE BIGGER, JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE...

As a reminder to those of you who are frequent viewers and for those of you new viewers, this is a picture taken Saturday at the Toy Run. Left to right are: Ted & Inez and Vickie & Tim. Inez was is a car and not riding with Ted due to back surgery.

Here is a picture of me & Vickie after we were introduced. We have been hearing about each other for months, so it was like I already knew her. I have a sister named Vicki married to a Ted, but they live in Michigan.. So you can see it can get confusing at times..

Today, we met for coffee and Tim drove his Harley to the Restaurant. I had to take a pic of the Thunder Mountain Harley Davidson points cover. At least I think it was the points cover...

Here are Vickie & Tim with their Harley at the Pioneer SW Restaurant

Vickie & Tim. I plan on visiting them up in God's Country when it warms up next year. I have a feeling Janice is gonna go because, if ya'll haven't ever been there, Colorado is beautiful!!! Gonna try and time it with Ted & Inez, so we can maybe ride the bikes up together..Vickie & Tim are some really great folks and I enjoyed meeting them and look forward to riding the mountain roads with them..

Tim was showing Janice something and Janice glowed...I thought the good Lord was calling her home but it was only the sun that had popped out from behind a cloud and she was in direct line of one of the sun rays..

And the final picture is of Tim's gas tank & instrument panel. That Harley was really sharp looking. Have a great Thanksgiving and a safe trip home, Vickie & Tim, and I look forward to seeing you again. I will continue to get pics of Ted & Inez so you can see them on the rides... Until next, ride, event or post, ya'll be careful out there, ride save, have a Happy Thanksgiving and keep the rubber on the road. Check out North Texas Bikers (1) at the following link: .........JOHN

Keith's New Harley Ultra Classic 11-26-08

A few days ago, Keith, from Tulsa, sent me these pictures of his new Ultra Classic. Those of you that follow this blog, will remember Keith bought this bike to make a tribute bike to pilots, in honor & memory of his father, who was a Colonel & former squadron commander here at Sheppard AFB, Texas. You can see other posts about Keith's bike & vest by going to North Texas Bikers at this link: , go to the September Archives and then to the posts on 9-04-08 and 9-17-08. Scroll down and check out Keith's Harley, as it is now, before the tribute paint scheme and REMEMBER: IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE PICTURE BIGGER, JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE....

Here is Keith's new 09 Ultra Classic, while at the Harley dealership. (black bike)

This is Sheila, Keith's wife, and his bike on the left.

Keith's Harley, at his work site, with 400 miles on it

Keith's bike, on the right, during his second ride to Oklahoma City.

Here is Keith on his new 09 Harley Ultra Classic.. Lookin' Good Bro!!

Here is the Harley with the drink holder & GPS mounted

Keith on his new Harley-Davidson and the last photo of this post. Keith is going to his farm down around Altus Oklahoma over the Thanksgiving holiday. We are going to try and hook up and get some more pictures. Keith, that is one fine looking motorcycle. Ya Done Good!! Until the next ride, event and post, ya'll be careful out there, ride safe, have a great Thanksgiving Day, and keep the rubber on the road.....................Check out North Texas Bikers (1) at the following link: ................... JOHN


Tuesday night, 11-25-08, the Blue Knights TX XX, has its monthly weekday meeting, here in Wichita Falls Texas. Scroll down and check in to see who showed up and REMEMBER: IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE PICTURE BIGGER, JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE!!

Lacy & Steve arrived. Lacy is Steve's wife and she rides with us on our Chapter rides, if she is off that day..

Here is our Vice President, Kyle. He was voted in as V.P. last month and is just the man for the job. His wife, Amy rides with us also and she owns her own Harley. That is David behind Kyle. David is one of our Road Captains/Directors.

This is Clint, our Quarter Master. He may regret volunteering for that position as we have started on his first mission for the Chapter out of at least one hundred..

This is Doug and his son Che. They came to the meeting straight from Four Stars Motorcycle Ranch in Henrietta Texas, where Che had just picked up his Harley Sportster.

We had a brief meeting and then adjourned. Out the the darkness, sat our rides. Here is Kyle's Harley.

This is Steve's Valkyrie. That is Steve (back to camera), Lacy, David & Clint.

Clint drove his patrol car to the meeting. We have the "take cars home" program here in Wichita Falls.

Here is my Vulcan (Ms Clone) and Steve's red/black Valkyrie

Here is Lacy, all dressed up and ready to go...

Here is Che & his newly acquired Harley.

One of the guys working the beat where we were at, saw the bikes and guys and pulled up to see what was happening. This is Adam (in the car) and Clint

Here is Clint by his Patrol car..

Here is Kyle fixin' to head out. Kyle and his wife, Amy, ran the registration portion of the Downtown Toy Fun Run. That post is down a couple from this post.

Here is Che & Doug at Che's Harley. Doug said he road Che's bike and that it runs like a scalded ape.

Here is the speedometer on Che's Harley

One more of Che, his Sportster and Doug, just before they left.

Here is Doug by his Harley. You can't tell too much in this shot but Doug has put those engine & frame illumination lights on his Ultra Classic.

I turned off the flash and took this to give you a better idea of what the lights look like on Doug's bike

A closer look of the area the engine lights light up

Here is David. He came in his truck...........

Here is Doug fixin' to go..

Che waiting on his dad to pull out. This is tonight's last photo of the night and will conclude this post. Russ was also in attendance and rode his bike but had left right after the meeting and I did not get any pics of him or his bike. Until next post, ride or event, ya'll be careful out there, ride safe and keep the rubber on the road...............Check out North Texas Bikers (1) at the following link: JOHN