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Saturday, 11-22-08, was the Downtown Toy Fun Run which was to benefit several Wichita Falls area organizations. Registration was at Memorial Stadium at Southwest Parkway & Barnett Rd at Noon. Then at 1:30 p.m all the motorcycles were led in a parade by the Wichita Falls Police Dept Motorcycle unit, to Downtown, 8th & Ohio, where the food and toys were given to the organizations and everyone was fed. So, scroll down and enjoy the Toy Fun Run and see who was there and REMEMBER: IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE PICTURE BIGGER, JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE!!

I got to the stadium at 11 a.m to meet up with those that were going to be registering the riders. The first folks to show up were Jeffery & Chris, from the Salvation Army, with the mobile cantina. They were supplying water and hot chocolate for the riders that wanted it. The Salvation Army was one of the organizations that would benefit from the Toy Run.

The second person to show up was Jim. Here from left to right are: Jim, Kyle, Amy, Greg, Flip & Nikki.

I have been to the stadium and ball field for 28+ years and it took Flip to point out the full name of the ball field to us.. Note the nickname of the person the field is named after...

Here are Flip, Tracy & Nikki. Flip & Nikki are members of the C.M.A. (CHRISTIAN MOTORCYCLISTS ASSOCIATION) and Flip has just been elected Chapter Chaplain. Congratulations Flip!! For more info on the C.M.A. local Chapter, click the following link: You couldn't ask for any better folks or friends. If you can, pray for this Chapter (GLORYBOUND) and the entire C.M.A. organization, for their work is crucial in these times that we live in..

Here is Chris, Greg's wife and for this ride, A.K.A. Mrs. Claus. She is fun to be around and you know that being married to Greg, she has a great sense of humor..

Here are some of the bikers showing up about 45 minutes before registration. We expected 200-300 riders to participate in this worth while cause.

The Salvation Army Mobile Cantina is open for business. They did an OUTSTANDING job today..We appreciated their participation in today's event. For more on the Salvation Army, please click this link:

Some more of the bikes at the Registration site at the ball field co-located with Memorial Stadium in Wichita Falls Texas

Other bikes in the parking lot and the riders lining up for Registration

More bikes in the fast growing number of arriving folks

Yet another Harley at the registration point for the Downtown Toy Fun Run.

Registration was at the ticket booth of Hoskins Field.

Ho Ho Ho!!! The transformation begins. Wonder who Greg is gonna be?

These are great folks & fellow PGR members. From left to right: Sherri & Joe and Gary & Jeanann. They also are fun to be around. Joe has a warped sense of humor and is a former coworker of mine and our humor runs on the same track..

This is Trish, Van's wife. she also is fun to be around and is hilarious.

This is Amy & Trish. Amy is Kyle's (our Vice President Blue Knights Tx XX) wife also pretty hilarious. She works at our bank and rides her own, very sharp lookin' Harley. You will see her on down in the post a ways.

Here are Amy, Mrs. Claus (Chris)Santa (Greg) and Trish..I think Trish was asking Santa for a new Harley for Christmas...

Some more of the bikers here for the ride: Left to right: Curtis, Randy, Terry (a.k.a. Grandpa Biker) and Steve.. Terry is an absolute riot to be around...I love this guy and enjoy riding with him when I can..

This is Ted backing his Harley in. On my first site, NORTH TEXAS BIKERS, , we were getting a lot of hits from Ft. Collins Colorado, and Ted told me his daughter lived there. Today, his daughter and her husband showed up and I finally got to meet them

Here are, left to right: Ted & Inez (Ted's wife) and Vicki (Ted's daughter) & Tim, her hubby. I hope to get up to Ft Collins next year and stop in and visit them. Ya'll know how beautiful Colorado is. A bikers dream ride with the mountains and roads...CYA soon Vicki & Tim and I will try to talk your Mom & Dad into riding up there with me..,.

Here I am with Vicki. I was glad to meet her finally and I am very glad that she and her husband Tim were able to join Ted & Inez at the Toy run..

I left the registration area and rode downtown to 9th St & Ohio, to meet up with David. David is one of our Chapter Road Captains and I am the President and we were assigned downtown to assist with set up. Here is David at his truck, with the donated drinks from the local Coca-Cola Bottling Company here in Wichita Falls Texas. (for more info, see: I helped David unload the truck and then I stayed while he ran home to get his motorcycle, run out to the stadium to Register and visit with the folks there, and then return downtown prior to the arrival of the Bikers on Parade. This was at approximately noon and the bikers were scheduled to depart the stadium for our location (about 8 miles or so) at exactly 1:30 p.m.

A view of the Salvation Army van and the pretty empty, soon to be filled, area.

This is the view North down Ohio Street from 9th St. The emptiness was to be shattered very shortly..

A view down Ohio Street to the South, from 9th Street. A view about to be changed..

The Salvation Army van and some of the drinks donated by the Coke folks.

The boss to the Salvation Army Folks there was: Captain Bill & his wife Brenda. Since this is the first post on the new blog, for the new viewers, I do not use last names and I try not to put tag numbers of the bikes on the net for obvious reasons, the most apparent one is there are a LOT of psycho's out there that get on the web and jack with people.

Another organization that the ride benefited was the Wichita Falls Food Bank. registration for the ride as two cans of food and two unwrapped new toys. I did not get a final tally for the items but I believe there were a little over 200 bikes and a lot of them had passengers and the registration fee was the same for the passenger as for the riders. There were also quite a few trikes show up. This is Michelle and Tina from the Wichita Falls Food Bank. For more info an the Food Bank click the following link:

Here are Michelle & Tina from the Food Bank. They had a good time and did an outstanding job today.

The 3rd organization that the Toy Run also was to benefit, was Faith Mission. The mission works with the homeless and others that are in need for whatever the reason. These two ladies are with Faith Mission and did an outstanding job helping out downtown. They also had a crew out at the Stadium, helping out there. This is: Jane & Becky. We had some pretty good laughs with them today and, as a bonus bit of info, I found out Jane rides her own Harley! For more on the Faith Mission, click this link:

David made it back downtown and poses with Jane & Becky. We had fun today and thank you Jane & Becky, for keeping me in good spirits until the conclusion of the event..Ya'll done good!!

Captain Bill's daughter woke up and got with her parents. Here they are, anxiuosly awaiting Santa's arrival with Mrs. Claus by motorcycle. And there was also another special rider with the bikers...The figure has become a familiar site around this time of year...Wonder who it could be?
From left to right: Brenda, Bethany and Capt. Bill. Their organization really helped out today... The Salvation Army.. If you didn't make it to the ride today, wherever you are, whatever country you're in, stop by your local Salvation Army post and give them a good donation..They do a lot more than most realize and it is a top notch organization , in my book.. We live in tornado alley here and, trust me, they bust their butts helping out in times of disasters and such and deserve all the help the citizen's of our great country can give them..

Some of the guys helping with the City of lights event that happens this evening, stand by the barricades as the parade, led by Police Motorcycles, approach down 8th Street from the West. I think these folks were volunteers from Sheppard Air Force Base, which is located here in Wichita Falls Texas

The riders approach!!! Click on the pic and Santa can be seen behind the left Police cycle.

The riders turn right onto Ohio St. and head down to 9th St, where the parking begins: on the center stripe of Ohio St, back to the North

The riders continue to arrive in the parade from the Stadium on the SW side of town (about 8 miles or so). This is Doug & Rosie about to turn the corner. Doug is one of our fellow members of the Blue Knights TX XX

Every kind of bike was participating in the run. We even had them arrive, equipped with side cars..Another site not seen very much in the area....

More of the arriving bikes from the Stadium

This is Charles, the newly re-elected President of GLORYBOUND, the local chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists Association. Congratulations on the Presidency Charles!!!

Some of the bikes waiting in line to park with the others. The line started one block away and they ended up making two rows of parked bikes.

Here is someone I haven't seen in a while. But he has been having health problems and may I present, freshly outta bed from an operation, Leland.. He is a good guy and I enjoy riding with Leland..And need I say, his humor is on the same track as mine and a few others...Glad ya made it Leland!!

And here are my friends from Ft. Collins Colorado, Tim & Vicki. They look like they really enjoyed riding today. I am sorry to say, that I was all over the area downtown but by the time things slowed down and I went to find them, they had already left. But I have a call request into Ted, so hopefully I will see them again before they head back up North to God's country...

More bikes line 8th St. as they arrive and wait to get in & park. Again, without knowing the final numbers yet, I think there were 200+ bikes participating in today's Toy Run.

More bikes arriving and the cage contingency bringing up the rear can finally be seen. In amongst them were the Salvation Army Mobile Cantina and an Ambulance that stood by while the feed was on...

The last bikes of the parade and support vehicles arrive. Joe & Tamara are on the black Harley on tyhe left..

Here are some of the groups that rode in together: left to right; Suzan, Kandy, Sharon (friend and former coworker), Lisa & Reggie. I hadn't seen Sharon in a year or two and she ain't changed a bit. She also has my kind of a sense of humor. She can keep ya laughing for hours..Good to see ya again Sharon!!

The one, the only, the man with the big blue/black Harley Ultra Classic and good friend, Doug with his wife, Rosie. We are former coworkers and I have know them for at least 25 years or more.

The view of the former empty Ohio St, view to the South

And here is our surprize rider, the Mean One, Mr. Grinch!!!He rode in on his motorcytcle right behind Santa & Mrs. Claus. I was supposed to get their pictures as they arrived, but guess whose batteries in their camera ran out just as Santa, Mrs. Claus & the Grinch were about 20 feet away? Yep...I did it again...I had to call Janice, my wife, who was at home (out by the Stadium) and she and my daughter brought me out my extra set of camera batteries..This was the 2nd ride that my camera ran out of batteries right at a great photo op and I missed the pic...Sorry..

Why, how about that!! It's the Grinch, Mrs. Claus & Santa.. You folks did a great job today!

At the end of the street by the barricades, the escort parked. We thank the Wichita Falls Police Motorcycle Division for the parade escort keeping the riders out of harm's way. As always, you guys did great!!!

Some more of the escort, as they get ready to mount up and head out..Thanks Guys!!

The guys are lined up and fixin' to do a maneuver called the L.A. Pullout. It looks really sharp when they do it..I was in the Motorcyle Division back in the 80's and I personally hated the L.A. Pullout thing..The first time I tried it, I went down on the right and caused a domino effect of police bikes to go down..A very embarassing and painful moment...

First bike pulling out, followed in rapid order of the rest of the bikes..They executed the maneuver perfectly. But then again, they are the Number One Police Motorcycle unit in the COUNTRY as proved by the wins at the National Police Motorcycle Competition in Las Vegas, Nevada, earlier this year..I think they took a bunch of 1st & 2 nd place wins during the events. They did it on Kawasaki's in years past and now they do it on Police Harley's.. Great job guys!!

Bikes line Ohio Street as the riders drop off the canned goods and toys and then settle down to BBQ sandwiches donated and served by the Texas Road House..They also donated Chips and the ice for the drinks..

I met Johnny downtown prior to eating. Johnny has a great looking Harley (you'll see it shortly) and he is an everyday viewer of the North Texas Biker blog...The man has great taste in motorcycles and reading material....Thanks Johnny...You Da Man!!!

Ohio St. looking back to the North. Not empty any more, eh?

This is Donnie on his bike..Donnie & I have been friends for 30+ years, used to work together and now, when the circumstances permit, ride together on a run or two...His brother, Bobby & I, also have been friends forever and Bobby rides also..

This is Johnny & Ms Jo...I have been on a few rides with Ms Jo and Smokey ths year and I enjoy riding with them...

This is Smokey, Johnny & Ms Jo. We appreciate their participation in today's event and I believe, B.A.C.A. has their Toy Ride coming up. (Smokey & Ms Jo are members of B.A.C.A) for more info on B.A.C.A., check out this link:

Texas Road House donated the food today and here are the two happy folks that brought it to us: Carrie & Brian. Thanks you two, the sandwiches hit the spot... Check out their site at:

Some more of the bikes and particpants in today's Downtown Toy Fun Run

And as I promised, here is Johnny and his Harley Screamin' Eagle Ultra Classic. This is identical to the one I nearly slobber all over when I go to Red River Harley Davidson...see this link:

Here is the Screamin' Eagle logo/wording on Johnny's bike..GREAT looking Harley, Johnny!!

Some more of the hard working folks from Faith Mission: Betsy (aka Becky), Ken, Tommy & Donna. Ken, Tommy & Donna had been out at registration prior to coming downtown and setting up..You folks did a fantastic job and helped made the event a success...Thanks!!

This is another member of the C.M.A., Brenda. Brenda stayed active and was talking and ministering to one of the transients who wandered up looking for something to eat...Thank you Brenda and all the C.M.A. folks that were at the Run..I witnessed many of you ministering, not only to the homeless folks, but to your fellow riders there also. Time is short and your workload is heavy...Godspeed....

This is Van & Trish.. That helmet of Trish's literally breaks me up but the Christmas Bows on the pigtails and on Van's Harley really did the job and was in the spirit of things..Thanks Van & Trish, ya'll done good and I look forward to our next ride...

This is Amy on her Harley, with husband Kyle on his Harley next to her..See...I told ya she had a good lookin' Harley!!!

Van & Trish on their Harley with the Christmas bows...

As the day progressed, the bikes left. Here are some down on the South end of Ohio at 9th St.

The bikes and folks are diminishing toward the North as well..

A few hearty souls remain by the serving table. I think they were waiting for one of the vans to arrive to pick up the leftovers and tables....

I walked around the Texas Road House vehicle and there was Tammy. sitting on the curb, quiet as a mouse, eating her BBQ sandwich and checking things out..Thanks for coming out Tammy!!!

Here is Rosie, waiting patiently for Doug, who is wandering around somewhere in the area

As I got ready to leave, I saw this vehicle parked in the parking lot. It was Flip & Nikki's Business vehicle. They own Flip Bail Bonds here in Wichita Falls Texas. So, if you happen to be in the area, have a little too much fun or what ever and run afoul of the local police, sheriff deputys or DPS and end up in the hooscow, call Flip & Nikki at Flip Bail Bonds (their number should be available from the chart of numbers the jailor's have available for all their visitors..) Tell them, John sent ya.... You can't go wrong with them, they will treat you right. Their link:

Here is Doug, Chris (Mrs. Claus), and Greg (Santa) just prior to them leaving..Chris & Greg, thanks for the hard work today and helping out immensely with today's Downtown Toy Fun Run

This is Joe, another former coworker & partner, a fellow Blue Knight Tx XX member and all around good guy. Glad to see ya again Joe.....

A few of the remaining bikes still parked on Ohio St

This is Tamara & Joe. They looked like they had a good time today and it is always good to see Joe again...It was nice meeting ya Tamara. I look forward to riding with Joe & you again soon...

Getting ready to leave are: Chris, Greg, David and Phil (aka Grinch). Phil is co-founder of M.A.C. (Motorcycle Awareness C.O.R.P.S.) which was & is the originator of this particular Toy Run. It looks like it was another succussful event this year too. Thanks Phil..

This is Chris, Greg, David & me as we get ready to depart the fix outbound

Greg, Phil & me at the closing of today's festivities..

And a fitting, final photo from today's Downtown Toy Fun Run is the Grinch as we bid farewell to each other. There were some folks that wanted to see the Grinch in action, so he made their day..I had a great time today and met some new friends. Also got to start a new blog, as on the other blog, I had exceeded my photo uploads. So.....bear with me as I get all the goodies added to this site.
Until next ride, event and post, ya'll be careful out there, ride safe and keep the rubber on the road...................................JOHN

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