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The Rhineland Texas Ride 3-8-09

Today, Sunday 3-8-09 there was a sausage feed, in Rhineland Texas, to benefit the Knights of Columbus and the Rhineland Catholic Church. For $10 you got to eat all the sausage, chicken, taters, sauerkraut, desserts, bread and tea, that you could hold. So, 51 motorcycles, riders, and passengers on most, met at FM 369 and US 82 West for the 80 mile ride down to Rhineland Texas. Scroll down and join us on this ride and REMEMBER: IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE PICTURE LARGER, JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE.

This was not a club ride. Just a bunch of friends getting together by word of mouth or mass e-mail invites. One of those at the staging point was Kevin. He was all smiles as you can see. When we go on rides, he usually is..

This is Jim, Rick & Valerie. It was about 53 degrees when we left at 10 a.m. But after the feed and on the way home, it had warmed to the 70's.. A great day to ride.

Here Pattie is telling folks that we are gonna have to split into two groups...I think 20 left in the first group and the rest of us , 31 bikes, left in the second group..

Pattie and her husband Jim were the originators of the ride. I think they were pleased with the turn out...

Some of the bikes at the staging area.

More bikes at the staging area.

Big Mike arrives and gives the thumbs up. But then he sees it is me that he is giving the thumbs up to...He quickly changes it to the ol' Numba One G.I. sign as seen below

Can't you feel the love?

Mike & Bud . They are happy to be there. They are both former co-workers of mine. Well, we all worked together for the common good.

Here is Steve. Several went and ate breakfast prior to arriving for the lunch run..

Bobby and Kaycie arrive. Bobby is another former co-worker of mine...

Here is Sissy on a Street Glide. Sissy's engine blew on her bike and this is a loaner..

Here is Mark on his new Harley. He traded his other Harley in on this a month or so ago. He says he loves this bike..

Here is Lance & Pattie. She sure was lucky to find him..He is a great guy and here you can see how nice he is by allowing her to give him a hug.... Lance, You Da Man!!

Here is Jessica waiting to head out. Jessica was involved in an accident a month or so ago and totaled her vehicle. She was sore but okay...

Here is Mike, another co-worker. A bunch of the riders today used to work together or still do, in some cases.

Bobby & Kaycie on their Harley waiting to leave

Pattie & Lance on Lance's Harley. Lance just put a Screamin' Eagle 110 cu in engine on his bike...

This is Don & Billie. I met them last year on the Ft. Richardson Run..

This is Robert ready & waiting to roll

And we're off. Westbound on US 82

The leaders are way out front going of the overpass that crosses over the road to Holliday Texas

Westbound US 82

Ye olde mirror shot....

Coming into Seymour Texas and a gas stop

We stop & wait as the gas tanks are topped off.

Waiting in Seymour Texas during a brief gas stop

Sissy on the Street Glide

We finish gassing up and head on thru Seymour Texas

The bikes catching up as we continue thru Seymour

The bikes up front

We continue to Rhineland Texas

The mirror shot South of Seymour Texas.

Still on US 82/ Tx 114

Still Southwest bound.

We made the turn and are now on the road which will take us to Rhineland

Rhineland Texas, ahead and on the left

The Rhineland Catholic Church

We park the bikes by the Rhineland CO-OP Gin and walk to the Knights of Columbus Hall

Charlie & Sissy. They both work at Four Stars Motorcycle Ranch. Charlie is the Sales Manager and Sissy is Sales.

Bud wearing his USMC fatigue cover

The line outside of the Knights of Columbus Hall, Rhineland Texas

Big Mike , once again, shows the love

Jessica"horns in" on Pattie & Lance

Big Mike & Gloria, his wife. Mike is a member of the Boozefighters Chapter 28. (Not classified info, it's on his ballcap)

Jessica runs down the line to get Steve & take him to Sissy, who is holding his place in line, up front.

Big Mike shows us his usual position if he isn't sleeping or riding his Harley. Jim obliges Mike by simulating the handcuffs.

Mike waits patiently in line. Mike is a member of the Blue Knights TX XX

This is Steve, Ryan, Cash and Scott patiently waiting in line

This is Thomas. He is wearing one of the Strokers shirt. Strokers is located on Harry Hines down in Dallas. (Many Thanks to Choyce (at RED RIVER HARLEY DAVIDSON) for passing his name on to me as my CRS kicked in & I could not remember Thomas's name..

Mike & Bud in line

This is Bill, Marilyn, Bill Jr. (or as he put it, "the new & improved Bill"), and Jim

This is Brianne & Jim. Brianne sure has a pretty smile and she was having a lot of fun..

Kaycie & Bobby in line...

Linda & Mac in line at the Knights of Columbus Hall Rhineland Texas

Mac & Linda

Gloria, Jimmie & Pattie. Jimmie had her 75th birthday yesterday..Happy Belated Birthday, Jimmie!!!

I held the camera up and took this picure of a small portion of the line

Jim, Pattie & Jessica. Jessica turned to leave but Pattie was quicker. She grabbed her and pulled her in for the picture. Jim & Pattie are the originators of today's ride. Jim worked all night and hadn't been to bed yet. The man was starting to slow down....

Charlie & his wife Kelly. I have known Charlie for awhile but this is the first time I met Kelly. They both are good people!!

Charlie & Kelly

This is Myra & Russell. Russell works with Charlie & Sissy. They both stay pretty busy and ride when they can.. I'm glad they could make it today

This is Michael, Patti & Glen, almost to the door. Michael is an instructor for several motorcycle courses.

Sissy shows her joy at making it to the door by glove slappin' Pattie's butt. Yeee haaa!

Inside the door were the money takers & plate distributor's, Bob & John. They were in great spirits, as were all the hard working folks that made this feed a success.. We thank them for a job well done!!!

The serving table....

The serving table. It was all you could eat for $10

This is Richard. He kept an eye on the table and made sure everything was filled. I never saw any of the items empty...

There must of been 20 people at work in that kitchen. As busy as they were, there were still the smiles

More of the kitchen

This is Jim & John at our table. Growing up, I found that John & I had almost the same stomping grounds..Small world eh?

One of the many tables we occupied. That's Sissy (blue shirt) and Steve on the right and Pattie (red shirt) down on the left.

Kevin (red white & blue cap) and Deborah next to him at the next table

Some of the folks at this table are Robert (yellow shirt/blk/orange hat) & Big Mike & Gloria down on the left.

A view across the dining room..They had folks coming by with tubs of sausage to refill your plate and folks walking around refilling you drinks. It was crowded but very organized. And, I think, well worth the $10 donation

The two "tea girls" in the kitchen in charge of keeping the tea cups full. I know these two busted their behinds because on a day like today, bikers can drink gallons of that stuff, not including the hundreds of other folks that were there...

This is Richard & Julie. Julie said they usually have 4-5 bikers at this feed and they were already there. Then she heard 51 motorcycles approaching and said it sounded good.. I told her that bikers refer to it as "rolling thunder". She agreed. She also told me that they have these feeds twice a year: in March and again in October..I hope we go there again this year...

Following the feed, we walked back to the bikes. Some went straight home. Others took a scenic, curvy ride to Vernon Texas. There, some of us split for Wichita Falls and others went riding on different routes.

Mark looks content after eating his fill.. I would've liked to have found a tree and had a little siesta time before heading out..

Some of the riders had left prior to my finishing lunch. But these are some of the bikes that were still there..

Lance has always had a good looking Harley. He made it even better lookin' by replacing the 96 cu in motor with this Screamin' Eagle 110 cu in motor. Ya done good Lance!!!

Lookin down the line of bikes

Me, Jim & Mike Rhineland Texas

Another of me, Jim & Mike. We three are also members of the Blue Knights TX XX

Kevin & Deborah prior to heading out

Pattie & Lance. I had a good time joking around with them today. They both did good and I think they make a very good looking couple...

Bud as we get ready to leave. He gave me his app for the Blue Knights TX XX today..I am glad to have him with us

Bobby & Kaycie get geared up. They were heading up to Chillicothe Texas, from here, to see her family. Bobby is also a member of the Blue Knights TX XX

Kaycie at Rhineland Texas

Kaycie takes this pic of me & Bobby. I'm glad they made it today. Ride safe & see ya next run...

Those going home via Vernon Texas get gathered up. That is Steve on his yellow Harley CVO Screamin' Eagle Road Glide in front of me

Looking back, from under the bins, at Kevin & Deborah as they approach.

Bud is next to me as we wait to pull out...

And we're rollin' once again, this time Northbound

Northbound on TX 267. I had to pull over and fasten my saddlebags and was now bringing up the rear...

I moved up one slot and noticed that Don & Billie had an unlatched right saddlebag too...

One of the many curves on the way to Vernon...

The last two bikes in formation as we continue North

What goes in, eventually has to come out. So, when we got to Vernon, we stopped for a bathroom break at McDonald's at TX 70 & US 287

Rest stop in Vernon Texas

The rest in Vernon Texas (McDonalds)

The last picture of the day is of Gary, while on the stop in Vernon Texas. This will conclude this post. It turned out a great day for the ride. I met a lot of new friends today and thoroughly enjoyed riding with each and everyone of them. I thank Pattie & Jim for the invite and thanks to the folks down in Rhineland Texas for a great feed. I look forward to our next ride, whenever it occurs and where ever it takes us.
I apologize for this being posted this late. When I got home from the ride, I got a mega headache, took a pill, laid down and fell asleep.
Scroll WAY down for more rides, events & posts and don't forget to click on the "older posts" link at the bottom of EACH page for more rides and posts. Check out North Texas Bikers (1) at for rides, events & posts from January 08-November 08. Until next post, ya'll be careful out there, ride safe, keep the rubber on the road & pray for our Troops & Rodney................JOHN

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